Monday, 27 February 2012

Chow Phan- the ultimate leftover dish!

We had a visitor at the weekend from abroad- craving a taste of the old country. We dined on Sussex Ploughmans courtesy of a lovely pub  on the way back from Gatwick, then a roast chicken with all the trimmings on Saturday and a leisurely full English breakfast on Sunday. Suitably fuelled, our guest departed back to foreign parts.

And so - to the kitchen to make something tasty with the leftovers from two wonderful meals: Chow Phan!

This is a dish from my childhood in Hong Kong- similar to a nasi goreng- a rice dish with meat and vegetables.

To create a harmonious dish the four seasons must be represented: a white and a dark meat (chicken/turkey contrasted with bacon/sausage/pork or prawns). Spring should be represented with something green (peas/spring onions/ green pepper), Summer with something yellow (scrambled egg/omelette strips/sweetcorn). Autumn should have something brown (mushrooms/ water chestnuts). Winter should have something white (onion/beansprouts).
Any combination of the four coloured ingredients and meats will produce a delicious Chow Phan.

Here is my selection: spring onions, scrambled egg, mushrooms, bacon, chicken. gravy and peas along with rice and soy sauce.

Cook the rice until steamed and fluffy.

Fry in a wok- the bacon, egg, mushrooms, peas and spring onions.

Add as much chopped chicken from the carcass as you can spare.

Mix in the rice and add the gravy and soy sauce.

Heat through- tossing and stirring all the time.

You can garnish with omelette strips or chopped spring onions if you like. Yummy!

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  1. ...and to think that for my entire life I have thought this was spelt Chow Fan!