Monday, 1 October 2012

A-z of Frugal Feasting

               Always plan your week's meals and shopping

Breadcrumbs, croutons, bruschetta- so many ways to use up bread!
Carefully reheat leftovers all the way through
Don't BOGOF on perishable goods
Egg whites freeze and re-constitute really well
Freeze leftover sauce, gravy and stew- even small portions can be useful again
Grate the last little bits of cheese in a pack and store in bags in the freezer
Have a go at making it yourself- pastry, crumbles, curry- it will always be cheaper
Ice creams and sorbets use up fruit and nuts beautifully
Jams, jellies, ketchups and chutneys likewise
Keep fresh herbs in damp kitchen paper in the salad drawer
Label your tubs in the fridge and freezer
Make a shopping list!
New family favourites are born from imaginative ingredient combos
Only throw food away when it is definitely past its use-by date
Pegs, plastic bags and tubs-a-plenty are the secret of successful storage
Quick suppers are quicker with already-cooked veg
Read up on what's in season- the internet tells you everything
Stock take your fridge each week and use those tubs of grub up
Tinned veg and fruit (like white beans,pears, mushrooms, lentils) are cupboard essentials
Use up fruit in cakes, crumbles and tarts
Vegetables- eat plenty more and spend plenty less

EXtract every last morsel from your roast by making stock
Yesterday's supper is todays's yummy lunchbox

Zzzzz! Am I boring you yet?

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