Friday, 14 February 2014

Week 52- Journey's End

Well, I got there.

52 weeks and 52 menus.

I have to admit, it really was a challenge some weeks. Inspiration for something new often deserted me - and the straight jacket of 3 courses (starter, main and pudding) was a tough one to put up with. Often I could think of a main course and a theme - but struggled for a starter or pudding.

But- there it is: my blog of over 160 recipes and even more ideas for what to do with the leftovers.

Looking back through the stats, I see the most popular post was 'Take Half a Dozen Eggs' with it's simple recipes for boiled egg and asparagus soldiers and bread and butter brioche pudding.

This was closely followed by 'Boxing Day and Beyond' - when obviously you all had loads of stuff to use up!

Anyway, you can find all the recipes - from aioli to yaki soba - on the blog or in the cloud at the top of the page.

I've decided to make a compilation this week of my own three favourite starters, mains and puddings.

You may well have your own favourites.

For starters I've chosen : bubble and squeak with a poached egg, olive cakes and cake pops or chicken liver parfait.
Bubble and Squeak- just the best way to use up veg and make a light snack or supper
Chicken Liver Parfait- delicious and about 25p per portion!

Olive cakes- my most popular recipe still

Cheesy Brie cake pops- another savoury cake idea which I really enjoyed making and eating

For main course I've gone for : Mediterranean stuffed veg, Pastotto or Maki.

Mediterranean Stuffed Veg- colourful, cheap and cheerful

Pastotto- like a risotto but with pasta!
My take on Maki- easy and tasty Japanese-style mouthfuls

And for the pudding- Muscat jelly, Baked Alaska or Iles Flottantes.

Muscat jelly- for grownups only

Baked Alaska- a forgotten favourite
Iles Flottantes with fancy sugarwork

Thank you all for reading the blog- some of you all 52 weeks of it- for trying the recipes or for 'liking' it on Facebook.

I'm going to have a break for a bit I think- but I'm toying with the idea of making an e-book of the best bits. What do you think?

xxxx  Leftover Liz

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