Sunday, 20 May 2012

The best of the rest

The trouble with blogs is that each new entry appears above rather than below the last. So , you're reading this before you've read the previous entry. Scroll down and read that one first!

Now for the last of this batch of storecupboard recipes - we had the sausages and mash and the sweetcorn fritters (see below for the fritters)

These ones had a little spring onion mixed in with the batter.

Then we had simple fish cakes (I did use leftover mashed potato rather than instant mash)  mixed with tuna or salmon, spring onion, some chilli flakes and seasoning. Fry them in oil until crispy- and garnish (either with chili sauce as I suggested) or with a soft poached egg as illustrated here:

Last dish from the storecupboard is a pasta marinara al forno.( I made that title up, but it does sound more impressive than a tuna pasta bake)
Make a ragout with , chopped onion softened in olive oil , a tin of tuna,  a tin of chopped tomatoes, a glass of red wine and some herbes de provence, mix with cooked pasta (these are gigli), dot with black olives, top with grated cheese and fresh breadcrumbs (I always keep a tub of these in the freezer and add to it whenever I have leftover bread).

Bake in the oven until the cheese is browned and the top is crispy.Serve with a green veg (like spinach) or a salad.

So, my cupboards are practically empty- time to restock. What did you manage to make from your shelves?

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